Al-Wattaniya Paper Products Company (WPPC)

Al-Wattaniya Paper Products Company (WPPC) consider as a competent & pioneer company in paper production field in Kuwait market, during the few previous years the company was able to increase its ratio contribute on local market , by boosting the sales of its products addition to winning several manufacturing contracts all over Kuwaiti market.

The company manufacturing Hygienic paper for daily use, such as facial tissues, hand towel paper, and toilet paper, and always we develop in diversify items by add new products and concentrate on best quality and improve production lines, also the company seeks permanently progress resources and suppliers for all production materials and inputs.

Al-Wattaniya Paper Products Company (WPPC) depends on production process quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) international standards, procedures and specifications determined by Public Authority for Industry & the public Authority for Environment, and matching the global requirements for standardize QA, QC scientific internationally procedures and specifications.

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